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Time To Tidy Up: Kid?s Storage Hacks With IKEA FLISAT And IK

Ad – Are you desperately searching for kid?s room storage hacks" We?ve been tidying up the toys with IKEA (including the IKEA FLISAT dollhouse and t...
17-02-2020 21:49

Star print wallpaper for kids from Great Little Trading Comp

We’ve been busy with a mini children’s room make-over using star print wallpaper for kids from Great Little Trading Company, as well as the GLTC G...
21-01-2020 21:50

Just you wait

JUST YOU WAIT…is something you hear a lot of when you have small children, from other people, in a really negative way, isn’t it" Enjoying any asp...
14-01-2020 21:48

See Santa at London Transport Museum

If you’re looking for a last-minute visit to see Father Christmas, or want a trip out over the holidays, then head on over to see Santa at London Tr...
19-12-2019 21:47

Four festive reasons to visit Leicester Square at Christmas

Want to feel Christmassy" Here are four festive reasons to visit Leicester Square this Christmas This is a collaborative post – There are lots of pl...
09-12-2019 21:47

Christmas TV, sorted: CBeebies Hansel and Gretel

We had a sneak peak of CBeebies Hansel and Gretel, the brand new CBeebies Christmas show – here?s what we thought? CBeebies Hansel and Gretel: it’...
26-11-2019 21:45

Go with the Flo at the Florence Nightingale Museum, London

Have you heard of the Florence Nightingale Museum in London" Squirrelled away in the grounds of St Thomas’s Hospital, it’s dedicated to the life a...
30-10-2019 21:48

21 things I?ve learned from the first term of primary school

Sending your child to primary school is an emotional rollercoaster of highs, lows and lots of tears (theirs and yours). Dropping her off on the first ...
23-10-2019 21:45

Starting school: What am I going to do now"

One of the most common questions people ask when I talk about F starting school is, usually, What are you going to do now" I don’t think they mean i...
02-10-2019 21:43

Starting school: ten things that are currently terrifying me

So my child is starting primary school – THIS MONTH, IT’S THIS MONTH, HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED SO QUICKLY, WASN’T SHE JUST BORN – and here are te...
02-09-2019 21:42

Starting school: IKEA school run hacks

This is a sponsored post in association with IKEA? We all know that leaving the house with children is a challenge, but what about when you add in the...
14-08-2019 21:44

You, Me and The Sea at The Glades, Bromley – a brillia

This is a sponsored post…If you’re looking for free summer holiday activities, then you should check out You, Me and the Sea at The Glades in Brom...
08-08-2019 21:42

I’m breastfeeding my four-year-old, and here’s w

So, yes, I’m breastfeeding my four-year-old, and here’s why… Breastfeeding a four-year-old sounds like: ‘That’s a bit…weird, isn’t it" â...
01-08-2019 21:43

How to draw Horrible Histories The Movie – Rotten Roma

Hands up who loves Horrible Histories" Did you know there’s a new film, Horrible Histories The Movie – Rotten Romans – which has just been relea...
28-07-2019 21:46

Your period after pregnancy: five things no-one ever tells y

Oh, the joy and pain of your period after pregnancy. Just kidding! There?s not much joy, is there" But it?s a whole world of pain, PMT and all the moo...
11-07-2019 21:45

Starting school: 27 tips for buying school uniform (and 3 mi

If your child is starting school in September – mine is, hold me – here are 27 tips for buying school uniform? And to start off with, here are thr...
04-07-2019 21:46

12 things that would make soft play a million times better f

Soft play is one of those marmite things about modern parenting, isn’t it" It is something that, lets face it, kids love and most adults HATE. (Or, ...
27-06-2019 21:42

Starting school: the stay and play session

We just had our stay and play session ahead of starting primary school in September, so here’s a little bit about what happened, three lessons I’v...
26-06-2019 21:43

21 things that really irritate me about parenting

Here are 21 things that really, really, really irritate me about parenting, from *that* phrase through to *those* annoying things… (Not these guys!)...
30-05-2019 21:46

One book a month: Conversations with Friends and Crazy Rich

This month, it?s a fiction special and I?ve actually read two books *gasp* – Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney and Crazy Rich Asians by Kev...
22-05-2019 21:46

My child is starting school and I?m excited / terrified

So it?s official, we have the primary school place which means my child is starting school (did you get the school place you wanted" Hope so). It?s a ...
15-05-2019 21:48

The 7 rules of the sleep deprivation society (for Meghan, Ha

Here are the seven rules of the sleep deprivation society (for Meghan, Harry and all new parents) From always putting cereal in the fridge through to ...
09-05-2019 21:51

Five ways to add colour to your family home

Here are five ways to add colour to your family home…this is a sponsored post in association with Crown Paint’s Breatheasy range How do you add co...
03-05-2019 21:47

How a loft conversion with VELUX transformed our family home

AD – this post is sponsored by VELUX. Are you thinking about a loft conversion" Here are some loft conversion tips, and how having our attic space e...
25-04-2019 21:52

10 children’s TV programmes adults secretly love

Here are ten children’s TV programmes adults secretly love…which are your favourites" It’s the holidays! So in all probability, your children wi...
19-04-2019 21:48

One book a month: March

This month, I?ve read The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read (and Your Children Will be Glad That You Did) by Philippa Perry. ?They fuck you up, your...
08-04-2019 21:49

Five things we’re watching, five years after everyone

Here are five TV programmes we’re watching, five years after everyone else…this post could also be called ‘thank goodness for catch-up TV when ...
28-03-2019 21:48

19 things CBeebies’ The Baby Club gets wrong about bab

We?ve been watching CBeebies’ The Baby Club, which is brilliant, but here?s what it gets wrong about baby clubs… OK, hands up in the air,… The ...
20-03-2019 21:47

Buy the biggest bed you can: the secrets of co-sleeping pare

Are you a co-sleeper" Did you ever co-sleep with your children" Or is the thought of bed sharing with your baby, toddler or child a… The post Buy t...
14-03-2019 21:45
08-03-2019 21:46

Tea with the Tiger at the Discover Children’s Story Ce

We were invited along to the preview of The Tiger Who Came to Tea and the adventures of Mog, the new exhibition at the Discover… The post Tea with ...
04-03-2019 21:47

One book a month: February

Can running change your life, for the better" That?s the question behind Jog On by Bella Mackie, which is my February entry in One Book… The post O...
28-02-2019 21:45

Why I’m still talking about parenting (and a change of

Seven and a half years ago now, I started this blog to talk about my pregnancy. Because, obviously I was the very first person to… The post Why Iâ€...
27-02-2019 21:46

One book a month: January

One of the things I decided to do this year was read more books. Last year I read three, which was an improvement on the…...
31-01-2019 21:45

Kids room DIY: easy ways to change up children’s bedro

The children’s rooms are my favourite in the house, as they can be as colourful and fun as you like, and let’s face it, you…...
18-01-2019 21:45

Friday Five: Things to do in January

Hello! Here are five things to do in January… And my second regular Friday post, woo! (Let’s see how long this lasts for). This week…...
11-01-2019 21:45

Friday five: things to do in 2019

Hello! How was your Christmas" Happy New Year! Are your decorations still hanging on or are you hoovering pine needles out of the deepest darkest…...
04-01-2019 21:44
30-12-2018 21:43

We take a trip to the London Transport Museum

Have you been to the London Transport Museum" We were invited along a few weeks ago. So all aboard, here’s what we thought. Located in… The post ...
23-12-2018 21:44

CBeebies Thumbelina preview (and 10 of the biggest CBeebies

Calling all parents of small children – we had a sneak preview of CBeebies Thumbelina, which is this year’s CBeebies Christmas show. So in honour...
11-12-2018 21:52

The highs and woes of the second-time primary school applica

Reader, I have done something weird… But before I tell you about that, is anyone else applying for primary schools at the moment" Is anyone… The ...
05-12-2018 21:51

An ode to wooden toys (and the GLTC Star Beans Coffee Shop)

Today I’m going to talk about wooden toys, because we’ve been testing out the GLTC Star Beans Coffee Shop, but first, I want to know… The post ...
27-11-2018 21:54

New children’s books from the Junior Book Club

Do you ever find yourself reading the same children’s books over and over again, on repeat" (This is the story of how ‘Miffy Goes to… The post ...
05-11-2018 21:50

Trying for a baby – 12 things no-one ever tells you ab

What are the things no-one ever tells you about trying for a baby…when you don’t get pregnant" And NO, this isn?t a surprise pregnancy announceme...
02-11-2018 21:45

Kid’s room DIY: fireplace to bookshelf makeover with G

We’ve recently turned a fireplace into a bookcase, with help from GLTC Townhouse bookshelves. Here’s how… As anyone who has ever moved into an ...
24-10-2018 21:45

Three great things for girls

‘Sometimes it’s haaaaard to be..a woman…’ sang, bizarrely, my 6-y-o into my ear this week. Me: ‘Where did you hear THAT"’ * Ignoring the ...
23-10-2018 21:50

10 reasons autumn is TERRIBLE for parents

Forget all your romantic notions about autumn, it’s actually TERRIBLE for parents. Here are ten reasons why: Season of mists and mellow fruitfulnes...
11-10-2018 21:45
05-10-2018 21:42

We need to talk about childbirth

Hours after giving birth to my first child, I had the post-baby shower. I distinctly remember staring in the hospital bathroom mirror at my unfamilia...
13-09-2018 21:40

What not to do when your child starts school

Is your child starting school this September" Here are some things you absolutely *shouldn’t* do. It?s been two years since my once tiny newborn da...
11-09-2018 21:42

Kid’s room DIY: easy washi tape cloud shelves

Hello! It’s September! After a summer-long hiatus we’re back, and I wanted to share some of the interiors and mini children’s room DIY projects...
03-09-2018 21:44

Capturing our summer memories, with Snapfish

Who takes a million photos" And who hardly ever prints them" *Waves hands.* We’ve been working with Snapfish to help us make a physical, printed…...
17-08-2018 21:41

Five reasons to visit Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes at Th

If you’re in the south London area, you should book an appointment for Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes at The Glades, Bromley. Or more importantly...
10-08-2018 21:40

When the holidays don’t start exactly as planned…

It was exactly 48 hours before the end of term when I had the call of doom. Having just finished a meeting at the opposite… The post When the holid...
30-07-2018 21:43

Why we joined the Women’s March Anti-Trump protest

Last Friday Florence and I headed into London to take part in the Women’s March Bring the Noise protest that took place during the US… The post W...
20-07-2018 21:42
08-07-2018 21:41

Five questions my children asked on our trip to the Cutty Sa

(Sponsored post) OK, I’ll admit it, I?m a terrible Londoner – despite living here for years, there are a lot of things we?ve never visited… The...
06-07-2018 21:44

Why I won’t be getting perspective about only having 1

There’s a quote that I’ve seen a lot of people share recently on social media and it goes like this: ‘We get 18 delicious summers… The post W...
28-06-2018 21:42

Ten tangible things you can do, as a parent, when the world

Here are ten tangible things you can do, as a parent, when the world seems terrible – because this week I’ve been mainly despairing about… The ...
22-06-2018 21:42

Win: a three month wine subscription from Le Petit Ballon

If the idea of having wine sent to you in the post each month sounds like a dream, you need to check out wine subscription… The post Win: a three m...
15-06-2018 21:47

Happy Father’s Day Dad; you were right about EVERYTHIN

There’s nothing like becoming a parent to make you realise a couple of things: 1) It’s inevitable that you will, to some extent, turn into… The...
15-06-2018 21:47
07-06-2018 21:43

How not to leave the house with small children: the school r

Two eternal questions about motherhood: Why is it so hard to leave the house with small children" (Here is my previous exploration of the topic)… T...
04-06-2018 21:47

Colouring heaven with Cartoonito Club

Sometime last year we bought a printer, and since then not a day has gone by without me printing off at least one colouring sheet.… The post Colour...
30-05-2018 21:42

A tip for avoiding disaster at historical houses with childr

As it’s soon to be the school holidays, I thought you might be planning some days out, possibly to museums or historical National Trust or… The p...
24-05-2018 21:43

A couple of things (and WIN a brilliant pregnancy book)

Here’s a couple of things we’ve been liking lately, including The Letdown and a competition to win a copy of a brilliant new pregnancy book……...
18-05-2018 21:47

How to avoid the cinema becoming a parenting disaster movie

A dramatic turn of events; we went to the cinema last week. Together, as in me and Alex together together, shock horror. It used to… The post How t...
17-05-2018 21:45

20 tips for your first Disneyland Paris trip

Thinking of booking a Disneyland Paris trip" Over Easter we headed over to pay our regards to Mickey and friends at the House of Mouse,… The post 2...
11-05-2018 21:45

Reading the small print…the hidden perils of your chil

Your child learning to read is one of the most magical moments of motherhood. It’s a major milestone, right up there with the first steps,… The p...
02-05-2018 21:42

Home styling tips for spring, with Amara

Is it actually spring yet" I know it technically is, but what with the extremes of both the bleakest winter AND the hottest summer in… The post Hom...
26-04-2018 21:42

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