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How Pink Noise can Help get Your Baby to Sleep

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How Pink Noise can Help get Your Baby to Sleep How Pink Noise can Help get Your Baby to Sleep

How Pink Noise can Help get Your Baby to Sleep

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What is pink noise, and how can it help your little one get a restful night?s sleep" Learn more here.
For many new parents, a good night?s sleep may seem like a distant memory. Newborns can spend up to 18 hours a day in and out of sleep, punctuated by periods of wakefulness typically lasting between 1-3 hours. Pink noise could be the solution.
In the fourth trimester, sleep for both parents and newborns is especially erratic, with many parents taking whatever they can get. Anything that can ease the process is likely to result in a more positive experience for all involved! Many parents are now turning to pink noise, the new, more effective alternative to white noise. Here?s why…
The Sound of Sleep
Most people will have heard of white noise. Whether you?re aware of it or not, you encounter it on a pretty regular basis. However, as Meghan Neal states in a piece for The Atlantic, many of the noises we associate with white noise are in fact pink noise. So, what?s the difference" Popular Science describes white noise as ?a consistent noise that comes out evenly across all hearable frequencies?. White noise is a mixture of all audible frequencies sounding with equal power. In its purest form, white noise sounds like TV or radio static, and has the ability to mask auditory disturbances.
Pink noise works in much the same way, but on a much deeper level due to its lower frequencies. As Neal describes, ?pink noise, for example, is like white noise w...
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How Pink Noise can Help get Your Baby to Sleep How Pink Noise can Help get Your Baby to Sleep


Source of news: babylondon
Source of publication: 31-10-2019 21:43
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