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French renovations, Day 48: It's a dove!

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French renovations, Day 48: It's a dove! French renovations, Day 48: It's a dove!

French renovations, Day 48: It's a dove!

9,245 steps

Zari took a closer look at our "pigeon" and realized it's a Eurasian collared dove! Somehow that makes me less annoyed at its presence. Pigeons over here are like squirrels in the US: they may seem cute, but they are everywhere, make a mess, and are generally pests.

We had a dramatic thunderstorm this morning. By the afternoon the rain had cleared up. Eric and I went on a walk together, just the two of us. It's been a while! Before the 6 pm curfew, we'd go on a walk every evening. Then we went out again with all the kids. They ran around playing tag and taureau and other games.

I baked my usual double batch of sourdough bread. Each loaf is ~ 800g, or about 2 lbs each. To make 4 loaves, it costs me just over 1 Euro for the ingredients (2 kg flour + 2 Tbsp salt). Even factoring in the price of electricity, each loaf is probably no more than 50 centimes/kg. Compare that to baguettes, which are usually 1 Euro for 250 g or 4 Euros/kg.
Dinner was zucchini fritters and spicy crab sushi.

I'm currently researching reclaimed wood flooring. I found someone in Nice but we're 2nd in line...hoping we can score it since it's a good amount for only 200 Euros. We'd have to pull it up and bring it home--no problem!

Zari is currently drawing this picture of Inga. Inga's chickenpox scar over her right eyebrow is very visible. She got chickenpox our first year here when she was 3. She only had about 3 pox total, while Ivy was covered.

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French renovations, Day 48: It's a dove! French renovations, Day 48: It's a dove!


Source of news: rixarixa
Source of publication: 08-02-2021 22:03
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