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American """ day 73

Videogames News
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American """ day 73 American """ day 73

American """ day 73

11,985 steps Our volunteer cherry tomato plant is still bearing fruit and putting out new blossoms as if it's mid-summer. Ivy harvested some and set a fancy table with a sign "When work is done!" Yes, she needs to work on her spelling ? 
Ivy and Inga carved pumpkins today. Inga's is Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Ivy's is a puking pumpkin, but we left the "puke" out for the night as squirrels would treat it like a banquet.
Zari is supposed to come to school on Monday dressed as a Disney character. She wanted to be Rapunzel from Tangled since she already has the long, blond hair. We brought home several items from the thrift store, and I think we can make her a decent outfit. She's adamant about having a frying pan as part of her costume. "Do you think this would be considered a weapon at my school"" she asked me. "It's no more a weapon than a heavy book," I said.
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American """ day 73 American """ day 73


Source of news: rixarixa
Source of publication: 24-10-2020 21:53
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8,233 steps We gave away 5 bags of clothes and miscellaneous items and threw away another few bags of stuff that was too old/broken to salvage. We\'r ...
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24 DIY Numbered Advent Candles – Countdown to Christma

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American """ day 97

13,937 steps I think I started cleaning and packing too early this year! We\'ve been more or less done for a few days now. Closets are all empty, pic ...
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What parents of teenagers need to know about Manifestation &

Before I begin, let?s all get on the same page. Manifestation is the concept that a person can ?call? something into existence through Intention, pray ...
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Saran Wrap Ball Game for Baby Showers

There?s no better to get your guests laughing and having a good time than offering them an interesting activity that they haven?t tried before at a ba ...
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Twin Myths and Fun Twin Facts

Twin Myths and Fun Twin Facts   There are so many twin myths out there that can really stump people. Female twins cannot have twins themselves, twins ...
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American """ day 96

Not a lot to report on...a little bit of cleaning (showers/tubs/toilets) and a family movie afternoon (Enola Holmes). Zari REALLY liked it. Inga tryi ...
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American """ day 95

12,614 steps We had a family work day at our two rental properties. We raked leaves, sanded and repainted porch posts, and took care of weeds. We rew ...
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I always want to get the perfect gifts for grandparents. One of the hardest people to buy for is the in-laws who are now the boys’ Grandparents, wel ...
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Yesterday, the phone rang. "Hello, this is American Airlines calling to let you know that all flights to Nice have been canceled until December 9." " ...
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