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My top tips for Saving Money on your Shopping

Shopping, is it a necessary evil or something you enjoy" I have to admit that I LOVE to shop, but more than that, I love to shop well. I like to know ...
20-11-2017 21:55

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

I am working with NPower to mark this year?s Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month sharing a personal story about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning a...
15-11-2017 21:54

Fab things to do with Kids in Devon

When planning a family holiday with young children (or bigger kids for that matter), it pays to have a good idea of some exciting activities and poten...
15-11-2017 21:54

Simple Healthy Breakfast Recipes and Giveaway

I am always looking for ways to make mornings easier and for me, that means that simple healthy breakfasts are a must.  I have been working with Price...
08-11-2017 21:54

Peanut Butter flavour Oreo Owl Cupcakes – Cooking with

How adorable are these owl cupcakes all made by Mini with Peanut Butter flavour Oreos.  We have been challenged by Oreo to produce a recipe using one ...
07-11-2017 21:53

Simple Breakfasts with Canned Fruit – Mums on the Run

This post simple breakfasts with canned fruit is a paid collaboration with Princes. My house isn’t called The Mad House for no reason with two boys ...
06-11-2017 21:54

How to make the perfect Mashed Potatoes – Cooking with

How to make the perfect mashed potatoes is a paid post in collaboration with the Tots100 and The Co-Op.   I am passionate about making sure that my ch...
05-11-2017 21:56

Cleaning your Washing Machine

I am a firm believer in looking after the things you already have and making sure that they last as long as possible and this week I realised that I h...
04-11-2017 21:59

DIY Name Key Fobs with Sugru

These DIY name key fobs are paid collaboration with .  I am delighted to share with you a fabulous DIY name key fob made from Sugru, which is a fab mo...
03-11-2017 21:55

30+ Kid-Made Cards for All Occasions

Is there anything better than receiving a card made by a child"  I think not! so I am delighted to be sharing with you a month’s worth of fantastic ...
03-11-2017 21:55

Clay Mittens Christmas Decoration

We are a big fan of using air drying clay to make Christmas decorations and festive keepsakes and I am delighted at how these kid made clay mittens Ch...
02-11-2017 21:55

Pizza Colouring Pages and Pizza Night with Chicago Town

Pizza Colouring Pages and pizza night is a collaborative post with Chicago Town’s new pizza range – The Pizza Kitchen.  We love pizza night here i...
01-11-2017 22:02

The Benefits of Audiobooks

The benefit of audiobooks is a collaborative post with BookBeat.  We are big fans of audiobooks here in The Mad House. We use them a lot and I want to...
01-11-2017 22:02

Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags to Colour and Personalise

I love Christmas and if I can combine Christmas and being creative then even better.  I totally adore these fabulous free printable Christmas gift tag...
30-10-2017 21:59

Gorgeous DIY Christmas Crafts

‘Tis the season for some gorgeous DIY Christmas crafts including wreaths, centrepieces, tags and decorations.  From kid made cards to ornaments to h...
29-10-2017 21:58

I am Thankful Colouring Sheets – Thanksgiving coloring

You do not have to be American to celebrate Thanksgiving and being thankful is something that I feel is important to everyone.  I love these beautiful...
27-10-2017 21:53

Tween approved coats

When it comes to kitting out the boys for the winter finding the right coats can be something of a challenge.  Firstly the British weather can be so c...
26-10-2017 21:52

Festive and Beautiful Christmas Clay Crafts

One of the best things about Christmas is getting out our Christmas decorations and the things we have made over the previous years.  This is why I lo...
22-10-2017 21:55

Simple My Little Pony Craft

I am working in partnership with Argos to launch the new My Little Pony The Movie toy range. In celebration of the launch, we have created our very ow...
18-10-2017 21:55

5 DIY Halloween Outfits from things you have at home

Every Halloween we splash out on capes, broomsticks and witches hats and every year £140 million worth of clothes end up in the bin. Scary right" Well...
17-10-2017 21:53

Teaching Children how to Save Money on Everyday Essentials

We are working with the Money Advise Service to share with you our advice for saving money on household essentials.  My biggest tip for saving money i...
17-10-2017 21:53

A Month of Kid-Made Christmas Decorations

We had so much fun with last years month of kid-made Christmas cards that we decided to host a month of kid-made Christmas decorations this year.  I a...
16-10-2017 21:56

15 Adorable Christmas Crafts for Kids

‘Tis the season for some easy Christmas crafts for kids, including Christmas trees, Santa and his reindeer, and of course, candy canes too!  Whether...
15-10-2017 21:57

Getting prepared for Winter Driving – Winter Car Check

Have you ever been stranded in the snow or stuck in a flood in your car"  I have and it is a scary thing, which is why each year we get prepared for w...
13-10-2017 21:53

The gifts that everyone working from home really want!

I have been working from home now for the last 8 or so years and I am going to share my wisdom with you and share the gifts that everyone working from...
12-10-2017 21:57

Free Printable Autumn Bookmarks to Colour

I don’t know about you, but the darker nights are perfect for curling up with a good book and these free printable fall or autumn bookmarks to colou...
10-10-2017 21:53

Fun and Free Christmas Adult Colouring Pages

These beautiful fun and free Christmas adult colouring pages make wonderful seasonal decorations when you have coloured them or you could turn them in...
08-10-2017 21:55

Free Halloween Printables

We are big Halloween lovers here and we have collated a superb selection of free Halloween printables including colouring pages, carving patterns, mas...
05-10-2017 21:51

15+ Creative DIY Halloween Crafts

I LOVE Halloween and it is a fab excuse to get the kids crafting and I adore these Creative DIY Halloween Crafts.  My boys are older now and Halloween...
01-10-2017 22:00

Creative DIY Fall Craft Ideas

I adore Autumn.  I love the colours that the season brings and I love decorating my home and these creative DIY Fall craft ideas have me itching to st...
30-09-2017 21:56

Gardening is Fun For the Entire Family

There are dozens of articles out there that talk about the importance of limiting your kids? screen time. What most of these articles fail to do, howe...
29-09-2017 21:59

Fabulous Festival Footwear for Families

2017 has been a year of festivals for us and now the season is over we have collaborated with Mastershoe to bring you our favourite festival footwear ...
28-09-2017 21:58

The Benefits of Block Play and giveaway of KAPLA 1000 Blocks

I am a HUGE fan of building blocks for children.  There are so many benefits for children to playing with blocks and wooden blocks are so tactile and ...
26-09-2017 21:55

15 Free and Fabulous Fall Printables

Can you feel that nip in the air" Autumn is here and we have 15 free and fabulous fall printables to share with you. ...
24-09-2017 22:02

The importance of getting your kids eyes tested regularly

When was the last time you had your children’s eyes tested"  Did you know that it is free on the NHS and you can take them from around 6 months old ...
21-09-2017 21:57

10 Hot School Lunch Ideas for Kids perfect for Autumn and Wi

I am not going to lie,  but after 4 years of making packed lunches for Mini, it is not my favourite job, especially as he has an aversion to sandwiche...
19-09-2017 22:03

Free Printable Fall Colouring Pages for Adults

I am a big lover of colouring.  I make so secret that I find it relaxing and therapeutic and now the darker nights are here it is all about Autumn and...
17-09-2017 21:54

Vauxhall Crossland X review 2017

I love reviewing cars, actually I love driving cars! I didn’t learn to drive until I was pregnant with Mini 12 years ago and since then I have relis...
15-09-2017 21:58

Always best for baby with Which

It is hard to believe that this time 12 years ago we were waiting on the birth of Maxi and we researching what to buy for our first born child.  Maxi ...
13-09-2017 21:59

LEGO Ninjago Printable Popcorn Boxes

What do you get when you mix LEGO Ninjago, Cineworld, Movies and Mum in the Mad House – LEGO Ninjago Printable Popcorn Boxes and very happy children...
08-09-2017 21:51

Cameron Lodges – Loch Lomond

Holidaying with mardy tweens can be a challenge especially when you have a husband that would rather pull teeth that sit and watch them in the swimmin...
06-09-2017 21:56

Back to School 2017

Hard to believe that these boys are 11 and 12 and that this year they are both in Senior School. Both in Blazers and travelling on the school bus! T...
04-09-2017 21:50

No Added Sugar Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies

When Barleycup challenged me and the boys to produce a recipe with their delicious gluten free and free from added sugars instant cereal drink I knew ...
23-08-2017 21:54

Keeping Kids Hydrated over Summer

Earlier this year I worked with Highland Spring to bring you some tips on keeping your kids hydrated at school, easing the home to school transition a...
21-08-2017 21:52

It is OK to have mixed feelings about the school holidays

it seems that parents are firmly split down the middle when it comes to the summer holidays.  They either love the lack of routine and early wake-up t...
14-08-2017 21:54

Free Kokeshi Colouring Sampler – Adult Colouring

How gorgeous is this free Kokeshi colouring sampler from my friend the talented Tasha Goddard"  As I get older I really do relish the chance to switch...
12-08-2017 21:54

Free Summer Colouring Bookmarks

These free summer colouring bookmarks will really brighten up any summer reading that you do.  They are perfect for any summer reading program and are...
10-08-2017 21:52

Summer Screen Rules – Free Printable

It is no secret that I find balancing screen time challenging. My boys would quite happily spend some days on their Xbox or screens all day.  So this ...
08-08-2017 22:08

Family Heritage Activities for Kids

Finding new and exciting things to do with your children can be challenging. However, there are unique ways to spend family time that are fun and educ...
07-08-2017 21:50

The Ultimate Back to School Resource 17/18

Are you thinking about the children being back to school yet"  Some people have been planning for this since the kids left school, others sit in denia...
07-08-2017 21:50

How to navigate the first day at school

It is so hard to believe that this September Mini will be starting senior school and my years as a primary school parent are over.  It is even harder ...
04-08-2017 21:55

Top tips for choosing school shoes for tweens and teens

I can not believe that as of September I will have two children in Senior school.  For the boys that means a change in school shoes.  Now they need to...
03-08-2017 21:57

Top Tips for going to  Festivals with Tweens – Nozstoc

It seems that the summer has happened it you haven’t been to a festival and now the boys are older (11 and 12) we are back to really enjoying festiv...
02-08-2017 21:52

Chocolate Shortbread with Salter Cook – Cooking with K

I am passionate about getting kids in the kitchen and getting them cooking, and anything that makes that easier and simpler is great by me. So when Sa...
02-08-2017 21:52

Startrite Shoes Stand the Test of Time

It has always been a challenge to find shoes for Mini.  He has wide feet and needs to have lifts in his shoes.  Since he was walking we have always en...
30-07-2017 21:53

When you panic about pregnancy nutrition

So, I am going to talk about pregnancy and I feel that I need to add a full disclosure here – I am not pregnant, can not get pregnant and will never...
26-07-2017 21:54

Getting your Home Summer Ready

Do you do anything to prepare your home for summer"  It seems as though the weather can not make its mind up here and it feels as though we are going ...
24-07-2017 21:54

Over 150 Low cost and no cost summer activities

Summer holidays, you either love them or hate them.  I am never sure about which camp I am in.  I love spending time with the children but do worry ab...
23-07-2017 21:58

Top 7 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Mattress

Can you believe we spend roughly one-third of our lives asleep, which makes it extremely important that we have a quality mattress"  If you?re like me...
21-07-2017 21:54

Ultimate summer activities lists and bored Jar lists

We long time I’m Bored Jar users and I wouldn’t be without one.  With the summer holidays coming now is the perfect time to put together yours and...
19-07-2017 21:54

5 Genius Laundry Hacks with New Persil Powergems

One of the things that I find so challenging about motherhood is the constant laundry.  It is never ending especially with two boys which are just noi...
14-07-2017 21:53

5 simple tips to get mum in the picture

Last year I talked about how I need to be more present in family photographs.  How as the families main photographer and keeper of the camera that I t...
12-07-2017 21:53

A great value tablet for Summer – Amazon Fire Tablet

When Amazon asked me to take a look at the Amazon Fire Tablet their timing could not have been more perfect.  Mini broke his wrist playing football on...
10-07-2017 21:51

Comparing our lives on Social Media – Keeping it Real

I LOVE the internet, I love all that it has given me.  It has enabled me to carve out a place for myself, a career that fits around my family.   Howev...
09-07-2017 21:54

Ultimate family packing list for festivals

We love festivals and used to regularly go to them BC (before children) and then started visiting them again last year with the kids.  I love that my ...
06-07-2017 21:54

20 Fun & Creative Boat Crafts for Kids

I have fond memories of making boats as a child.  I remember designing them, creating them and testing them out on the boating lake near where we live...
02-07-2017 21:52

How to make a ToadStool House – #NoddyChallenge

I have such fond memories of Noddy and friends. In fact, I think it was my first introduction into the fantastic world of Enid Blyton. I remember my G...
28-06-2017 21:54

20 Cute and Easy to Make Disney Inspired Crafts

Grab your scissors, grab your glue! We have 20 fabulous and simple Disney inspired crafts for you to make.  If your kids adore Disney movies like mine...
25-06-2017 21:48

Mid Century Garden Goals for the Summer

We are in the midst of a heatwave and at the moment all I want to do is spend time in my garden.  However, our garden is in need of an update, thanks ...
22-06-2017 21:54

Green Cleaning Tips and Polti Moppy Review

I hate cleaning but love a clean house.  There is something about having a tidyish and clean house that makes me feel calmer and more content.  Howeve...
20-06-2017 21:55

20 Beautiful and Free Printable Garlands

I am a total sucker for garlands.  I love decorating for the season or a special celebration.  If they are printable and free well that is even better...
18-06-2017 21:52

Fab Free Printable Father’s Day Cards and Father’

Are you a good gift giver" I am training my boys to be great gift givers, but father’s Day is always a challenge.  We have the cards sorted for you ...
14-06-2017 21:49

20 Adorable Button Crafts for Kids

Buttons make a great craft material and these 20 adorable button crafts for kids are a great way of recycling them. There is something magical about B...
13-06-2017 21:51

How to Make Your House Safe for Children

Children are curious little things, and while that?s exactly what makes watching them grow through their initial years such a memorable experience, it...
13-06-2017 21:51

Tips for dealing with PR enquiries as a blogger – Blog

I have been blogging for what seems like an eternity!  I started back in 2007 as a record of my family life and my blog has grown organically over the...
09-06-2017 21:53

Ocean Watercolour Glue Resist Art Ideas

I love watercolour glue resist and we have joined in with a fantastic tea of kid and art bloggers to bring you an amazing resource.  The complete unde...
07-06-2017 21:53

Octopus Colouring Pages for Kids

My boys are just fascinated with all things to do with the Sea.  They love nothing better than visiting aquariums and these fab octopus colouring page...
06-06-2017 21:52

Octopus watercolour glue resist art

We have been long time fans of glue resist art here in the Mad House and this octopus watercolour glue resist art project is great fun for kids of all...
06-06-2017 21:52

The Little Things – Make it Matter Day

According to a recent survey by Marks and Spencer 96% of us feel we spend life on autopilot making at least 15 autopilot decisions a day.  So they hav...
01-06-2017 21:54

Have a SING Family Movie Night with our Free Printable SING

If you know me then you know that I love turning the ordinary into something a little special and as a family, we love movie nights, so when Universal...
30-05-2017 21:52

Father’s Day Gift Guide

I have a friend that always buys the best gifts.  She is a gift fairy and someone that I aspire to be.  There is a real knack to buying the perfect gi...
28-05-2017 21:54

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s Shaver Review

The new Braun Series 3 ProSkin is a real hero for sensitive skin, and launching just in time for Father?s Day it?s the perfect gift for sensitive dads...
26-05-2017 21:50

Handmade Fathers’ Day Gift Ideas

We love anything handmade here in the Mad House.  I think that there is nothing better than a kid made gift or a homemade card.  Kids love getting inv...
26-05-2017 21:50

How should we talk to children about terrorism"

I hate that this is something that I have to even think about, but I am a big believer in communicating and talking and we really would be in a better...
23-05-2017 21:53

Choosing the best dog for your family

Choosing the right dog to join our family was one of the hardest decisions we ever made.  So I am collaborating with Pedigree to talk about how we cho...
22-05-2017 21:56

Make a Toilet Roll Microphone for the SING Movie

This simple toilet roll microphone is in partnership with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.  We are so excited for the release of the SING on Blu...
17-05-2017 21:57

DIY LEGO Fidget Spinners

We are deep in the middle of the fidget spinner craze here and both of my boys have a number of different fidget spinners.  However, this post has bee...
11-05-2017 21:58

Women’s Football and the Energy Behind it

I am a football Mum.  In fact, Maxi has been playing football for a team at the local football club since he was five years old. Over the years I have...
10-05-2017 21:55

The Best Fidget Toys for kids

You might think that fidget toys are a new phenomenon, but the really are not.  It is just that they are currently being brought into the mainstream. ...
08-05-2017 21:59

9 of the Best DIY Fidget Spinners on the web for kids

Have your kids joined the fidget spinner or fidget toy craze yet"  If they have then they will love this post with great DIY fidget spinners for you t...
07-05-2017 21:50

Best Questions to ask a Childcare Provider

One of the most important things you will ever do as a parent is choose someone to look after your child when you and/or your partner aren?t around. I...
04-05-2017 22:20

DIY Phone Amplifier and Stand

This craft was born out of necessity as I couldn’t find the little Bluetooth speaker we have for our phones.  So instead we went low tech and create...
03-05-2017 21:57

Family Friendly Mallorca – A fab place for all the fam

As the children get older finding a holiday that suits all the family can be hard.  We discovered on our recent Family Friendly Villa Holiday that Mal...
30-04-2017 21:54

Birth memories – Dealing with the demons when a birth

Did you have the perfect birth"  If you asked 100 mother’s this question, I bet most of them would say they didn’t.  But what is the perfect birth...
28-04-2017 21:54

Mallorca – Family Friendly Villa Holiday with James Vi

Before our trip to Mallorca with James Villas we had never been on a villa holiday.  Now we are converts and I can safely say that it is something we ...
24-04-2017 21:54

Crockpot Caramel Latte Recipe

If you talk to my husband and a lot of my friends they would tell you that coffee makes the world go round!  This crockpot caramel latte recipe is fan...
23-04-2017 21:56

Rowntrees Reduced Sugar Sweets – A thumbs up from The

I think as parents we all want to do what is best for our families.  I know for a fact that I do and I want to encourage them to make healthy choices ...
22-04-2017 21:50

Chores for Kids – Guidelines by Age

Fewer and fewer children are participating in household chores. According to a survey reported a few years back in the Daily Mail, as many as 25 perce...
21-04-2017 21:57

Holiday Hacks to Save Money

Advertorial – Have you booked this years holiday yet" We haven’t, but we are already in the planning stage and excited to get it booked.  So in co...
11-04-2017 22:02

Move or Improve"

Late last year we struggled with finding a way to make our home work for us with having two tween boys in the house and the fact that I work from home...
07-04-2017 21:46

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News most viewed Today

My top tips for Saving Money on your Shopping

My top tips for Saving Money on your Shopping

Shopping, is it a necessary evil or something you enjoy" I have to admit that I LOVE to shop, but more than that, I love to shop well. I like to know that I have got the best deal I could but with two tween boys, most of my shopping is done online... -
Fat-Shaming Pregnant Women Has to Stop

Fat-Shaming Pregnant Women Has to Stop

image source: Twitter via Jenny McCarthy We are in 2015, right" As in, not in 1950" Just checking, because for a moment I thought we literally had crawled back into the Dark Ages. Why" Because a respected Canadian meteorologist recently... -
12 things you should know about breastfeeding an older child

12 things you should know about breastfeeding...

Breastfeeding an older child?well, now THAT?S WEIRD, isn?t it" You?re doing it for you, aren?t you" Aren?t they too old" If they can ask for… The post 12 things you should know about breastfeeding an older child appeared first on A Baby on... -
Non-toxic makeup giveaway from Dr. Vik Sachar

Non-toxic makeup giveaway from Dr. Vik Sachar

Do you remember how I helped you to easily remove toxins from your beauty routine" Well here is something fantastic to help you get a nice jump start. Dr. Vik Sachar created a non-toxic line of makeup that is perfect for pregnant women (and all... -
Frugal Diaper Washing: Soft Diapers

Frugal Diaper Washing: Soft Diapers

A trick my mother passed on to me - to keep flat diapers softer when Honey-Can-Do Traditional Wooden Clothespins? Household Essentials Portable Umbrella-Style Clothes Dryer? -
Handwriting Tips for Older Children

Handwriting Tips for Older Children

Do you have an older child that still struggles with handwriting"  I do.  Mini has been taught cursive since 3 years old at pre-school and school and he has always found it a challenge. So I am delighted to be working with STABILO in highlighting... -
Frugal Baby Wipes: Two Wipe Recipes

Frugal Baby Wipes: Two Wipe Recipes

Here is the recipe I use now:2 1/2 cups warm water (distilled is best, but I\'m lazy)2 teaspoons castile soap or baby shampoo1 tablespoon baby oil2 drops tea tree oil3-5 drops lavender oilHere\'s another recipe:2 1/2 cups warm water2 teaspoons... -
Happy 11th Zari!

Happy 11th Zari!

We had a relaxed birthday party this year. I didn\'t even try to do something as amazing as last year\'s outdoor obstacle course. This time we baked cupcakes and bought lots of toppings...and that was it! The kids played indoors, since it was... -
Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards to Colour

Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards to Co...

here really is nothing I like better than a homemade Mother’s Day card, but as my boys are getting older they are less likely to get out the glue and just make me a card, so I have teamed up with the talented LeslieAnn to bring you two delightful... -
Helping your Fussy Eater

Helping your Fussy Eater

One of the hardest things I find as a parent is feeding my children.  I remember the fear of raising a fussy eater and at 10 and 11 my boys will pretty much try any food, however, it wasn’t always this way. So how do you turn a fussy eater into a... -

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